Technology doesn't
have to be intimidating
We won't throw you in the deep end
and expect you to swim all alone.
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If you're not sure
what you need
We can help you decide
and explain how it works.
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We can do all your
print work too
Brochures, business cards
postcards, and much more.
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Who We Are

Who is x-SITE-d

For over 26 years x-SITE-d has helped small businesses and start-ups, organizations, guilds, political campaigns, and HOA's. We're located in the Dallas metroplex, but our clients criss-cross the country. We believe in one-on-one service and support; our clients are not numbers in a ledger, but people we come to know and understand. Drop us a line, or give us a call at 214-395-5057.

Our Job

Our Job is to help you succeed

Our job is to not only make your business look good, but to help your business be successful. There is nothing more satisfying, then helping someone succeed.

Simple Is Good

Simple is Good

Technology can be overwhelming, but not with us. We promise to always explain what we're doing and why, in a way that makes sense to you. Simple is good.

Hello! Need a Website?

You've come to the right place then, x-SITE-d can help. I'm sure you have a lot of questions, so let's get to the biggest ones first.

  • I'm just starting out, can you help? Yes.
  • Money is tight, can you do a small site for me? Of course.
  • I have products to sell, what about e-commerce? All the time.
  • A logo or a small piece of Flash? We have someone for that!
  • Do you do HTML emails? Yes, those are fun to do.
  • Do you use a template? No, only custom-for-you websites.
  • Who does the work? We do! Nothing is ever outsourced.

Did You Say Print?

You don't have to go two places to get everything for your business, x-SITE-d can also create your print materials.

  • Business cards and letterhead.
  • Brochures: single fold, tri-fold, B&W and color.
  • Postcards: all sizes, B&W and color.
  • Banners for your store, events and displays.
  • Logos: Type treatments and full artwork.
  • Flyers, announcements, linesheets.
  • Book layout with photos and more.

Doing Our Part to Stop Butt-Ugly Websites.