rate structure

We're not going to give you a pre-determined 'package price' - only to add on extra fees because you need something a bit different. There are a lot of companies out there that work that way, we just don't happen to be one of them. Here's a web estimater for you to play around with - it's not ours.

x-SITE-d will quote you a fair, flat-fee for your project based on what you need and worked on by our associates only.

Our Standard Work Always Includes:

  • Full SEO optimization & basic search engine submission (every 45-days for one year).
  • Custom graphics and artwork - no template look.
  • Menu roll-overs if they enhance the site (sometimes they don't).
  • An on-submit web form if you want one.
  • Formatting and tweaking layout of all your provided content.
  • Tweaking any photo(s) you provide (yes, you can have more then 3)


  • We will write additional content for you if requested, but that will be an additional cost that would be discussed before we started doing anything at all.
  • If we need additional photos/images, they can be secured from several very reasonably priced sources - again this would be discussed beforehand.
  • Ecommerce - completely dependent on how many products you have the type of integration/cart we need.


Basic Fees

  • On average, a 5-page, basic website (no ecommerce) will run about $450.00 - that includes all our 'standards'.
  • All individual projects: web banners, web ads, all print work, html emails, SEO for existing websites, copywriting etc., are priced by the hour - $40 an hour, 1-hour minimum.

    That's it - no surprises.

  • Consulting on and/or analysing an existing website for rebuilding, redoing, SEO issues, adding ecommerce (consult), is a flat fee of $70. The fee will be applied to your invoice if you choose to have x-SITE-d perform any of the work.
  • Maintanence on your website is $30 an hour, 1-hour minimum. No contracts, no wasted money.

Are you ready to get started? Give us a call at 972-240-0187 or send an email today.